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Which smartphones are cheap?

Nokia 2.1Are you looking for a cheap smartphone but not sure which one to pick? Do you want decent features for a low price? Today I`m going to be giving you some tips and guiding you on which smartphones are cheap. I will cover what you get with them and which ones are the best deal for your money. The features that you get with a cheap smartphone can be just as good as a smartphone that costs a lot of money which means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something good.

The tasks that you do on your smartphone every day can be one on every smartphone even the cheap ones. They are fast to and capable of checking email, browsing the web, using social media and more. The camera is also pretty good and you are not getting poor quality either. You can rest assured that these smartphones that I`m going to be discussing will please you and won’t be conned of your money and end up with a bad smartphone as they pretty nice, good and decent.

Which Smartphones Are Cheap?

There are quite a few smartphones that are cheap but the best ones are Nokia 2.2, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.1 plus, Moto G7 play, Xiaomi Mi A3, Xiaomi Remi Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy A10e. These smartphones all have fast chips, good rear cameras, some have front facing cameras, all day battery life, web browsing, Bluetooth, good internet speed, utilities and apps stores for downloading apps. These smartphones will all get your day to day tasks done fast and are all easy to use and reliable.

The display is clear and easy to see and some of these have premium protection. If you would like dual cameras than I recommend that you chose the Nokia 4.2 because the other smartphones that I have listed have single cameras. They are all durable with decent internal memory and some of them have expandable internal memory by using a Micro SD card. These smartphones are all powered by the android operating system because iPhones can cost a lot of money except for old ones.

Connectivity Features On Cheap Smartphones

The connectivity on cheap smartphones is decent as they offer a lot of similar connectivity features to the high priced smartphones. You will find WiFi, Bluetooth, tethering, GPS, Google assistant much more. A lot of these cheap smartphones are 4G meaning that you have fast speeds online as well as strong signal and reception. If you come across a cheap 3G smartphone I recommend not to choose it because 3G is being switched off 2024 and you will have to upgrade your phone.

Cheap 5G smartphones are rare and hard to find. If you come across one be careful as it will probably be a scam. This is because 5G is the newest technology and is still in the process of being rolled out to many areas and these smartphones are priced very highly. If you want a 5G smartphone or some advanced features that are not available on a cheap smartphone you will have to either save up the money for the phone you want or buy the smartphone that you want on a plan.

Cheap Older Iphones And Smartphones

Online websites like eBay, kogan and amazon often have a wide range of cheap smartphones available. If you decide to chose from these make sure that you find out exactly what you are getting before you pay for it. Cheap iPhone are also available such as an iPhone 5 for $179 on eBay. There are also iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, IPhone 5C and other cheap android smartphones available as well. If you are unsure of what you are getting ask the seller your questions before buying.

Sometimes you will come across scams on these websites as well. Make sure that you always check the condition of the smartphone you are buying to make sure that you are getting something that is not broken and in good working order. If you see a brand new smartphone for $15 this is most likely a scam but if it is broken or list for parts only than this is a reasonable price. If you have a bad feeling about a product or it sounds dodgy somehow than you are better off not buying it.

The Price Of Cheap Smartphones

The prices of cheap smartphones that I have discussed today vary but they are all under $200. Some of them start at as low as $59 and go up to $200. These smartphones are available in many stores including post offices and electronic stores and at many carriers. They are also available online from websites such as eBay, amazon and kogan. If you are not sure which cheap smartphone to pick think about what features you want and the price you want and pick from the ones in that price range.

For example, if you want a smartphone that can connect to the internet, take decent photos and videos and download and install apps I recommend that you choose Alcatel T 5033T. It has a decent camera and video camera including a front facing camera. The phone can browse the web, download apps and much more. This smartphone costs $99 and it is also known as Telstra essentials plus. The Alcatel T 5033T is available in Telstra, post offices and in phone and electronic stores.


There are a lot of cheap smartphones out there today and most them get the job done and have enough features to get your day to day tasks done. Most of them are genuine and give you what they say and only some are scams that just take your money give you bad smartphones. Always remember to get what you like and need your smartphone will serve you well even though it cheap. These smartphones are popular on the market and serve as great phones and companions for people that do not have a lot of money.




  1. Jeffreyb

    I did find your article interesting since I know very little about Smartphones all this is new to me, I do have a new Android Smartphone but I find I am not able to use it very well because of problems with my hands and fingers. Are there any smartphones on the market for people with problems with their hands, and if so how much would one of these cost.


    • Timothy Balla

      Thank you for your comment Jeffery! I`m glad that you enjoyed the article! I`m happy to help! I don`t know of any smartphones that are designed for people with problems with their hands! But there is an android app called voice acess! It was made by google and allows you to use your phone without even touching it! You just have to use your voice!This may be a great option for you to look into! Let me know if you have any ohter questions! Thank you again for your comment Jeffery!


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