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Which smartphone should I buy?

Which Smartphone Should I Buy?Are you looking to buy a new smartphone and not sure which one to buy? These tips will help you decide what is best for your needs. There is a lot to consider when buying a new smartphone and you should do your research first. There are many options out there and there is always lots of information available and a lot of people bragging about specifications and features but it is pretty different to what you hear a lot of the time. It is important to choose what is right for you.

It can be tough and overwhelming when you are trying to buy a new mobile phone and that is why I am here to help you with this guide. There are some popular and expensive smartphones on the market but you do not need to spend big to get what you want and need. Every smartphone has the features to get you through your day and help you answer any questions that you may have. The smartphone that you buy will be your personal digital companion and you must be comfortable using it.

Should I Buy A Smartphone Outright Or On A Plan?

A lot of people find themselves thinking about if they should buy a smartphone outright or on a plan to pay it off over time? The answer depends on what you want to buy. Paying upfront can save you a lot of money in the long run and if you can afford it is definitely worth considering. If you can’t afford it you can consider saving up for the phone you want, buying a cheaper phone or buying the phone that you want on a plan. There are plenty of post paid options available if paying upfront isn’t an option and the amount you pay will depend on the contract that you are on and how you use your phone.

Coverage And Networks

Coverage is important when buying a smartphone because you need good network signal and reception for daily use of your smartphone. This is important for making calls, sending text and browsing the web with your mobile data. You have the option of selecting a 3G, 4G or 5G smartphone. 3G will give you good signal and coverage and you will be able to get what you need done and it may be a bit slow. 3G is also been switched off by Telstra and other phone companies in 2024 so I recommend that you choose a 4G or 5G smartphone.

4G which is also known as LTE which stands for long term evolution is a better option than 3G and it is a wireless standard to get faster online performance from your mobile phone. You will also get better and stronger signal and you will get things done quicker. 4G coverage is improving and is being combined with the latest 5G networks. 5G is the newest network which provides even more bandwidth, stronger signal and better reception allowing you to get things done even quicker. Major carriers like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will be delivering stronger performance over the next few years.

Battery Life And pricing

All smartphone users find the inability to use a smartphone for more than a day or so frustrating. But some smartphones don’t even last a day so it is important that you choose a smartphone that will last the day so you can get your days work done. The increased functionality of a smartphone and a larger screen size demands more power than a simple talk and text mobile phone. When buying a smartphone make sure that you check the capacity of the battery for the phone that you are interested in and compare it to other phones with a similar screen size. The higher capacity will deliver longer battery life.

If you are buying a smartphone without a plan you can buy them anywhere from $39 up to $2000 but if you are buying a smartphone on a plan you can be paying anywhere from $20 up $300 per month. The price you pay depends on the smartphone and the features of it. The basic smartphones will be cheaper and the more advanced smartphones will be dearer. The latest smartphones will cost the most because they are advanced with the latest technology. The price you pay for smartphones on a plan will depend on what smartphone you want and also the plan inclusions.

The Internet And Operating Systems

If you find yourself using your phone a lot for doing searches and other tasks on the internet then you need a good web browser on your phone. If you do a lot of web browsing, watch YouTube videos and edit photos you are going to need a screen size of at least 5 inches and a resolution of at least HD which stands for high definition. The operating system is also something you need to consider when buying a smartphone. The operating system is what turns your phone on an off. The three operating systems that are available for smartphones are android, ios and windows.

Android which is also called google android is an open platform with a lot apps that are developed for different smart devices that use the operating system. If you like good looks and fell and you like to customize your mobile experience and work with the latest tech as it comes out then android is your best bet. Ios is an operating system that is made by apple that powers a lot of apple devices. If you like dependable sameness with no surprises and a solid compability with a wide range of devices than Ios is probably your best bet. Windows phone has reached end of life and is no longer receiving support so I don’t recommend buying it.

Camera Quality And Other Features

Picture and video quality is important to many people as well and it is determined by your smartphone`s resolution and also the ability to deliver a good image in different lighting situations. If you use your phone as a camera you may want look for a phone with a camera button to save you from having to look for it in the menu. An LED flash is very useful to for taking photos especially when the light available isn’t very good If you look for a phone with a front facing camera you will be able to use your phone for taking selfies and also for making video calls.

There are features that you might want to consider when buying a smartphone which include GPS, tethering, flight mode, QWERTY keyboard, headphone jack and memory cards. A GPS is useful for map services and getting directions and navigation. Flight mode turns off WiFi and wireless connectivity so you can work offline with other features while on a plane. Tethering is the process of connecting wirelessly with Bluetooth to a Bluetooth device. A QWERTY keyboard is a virtual keyboard that appears on screen for typing. A headphone jack is useful for connecting earphones to your phone and a memory card is a Micro SD card that gives you more storage space on your smartphone.


There are a lot of things to consider when buying a smartphone and you should think about all of the things that I have discussed carefully before buying your smartphone. To decide on which smartphone you should buy you have to consider your needs and how you will be using your phone. You should buy a smartphone that has the features on it that you need and are going to use. If you are not sure if you are going to use a certain feature than you might as well get it anyway just in case you might need it in the future. If you are worried about the technical specifications of the smartphone ask someone you known or a salesperson for help and always remember to do your research first before buying your new smartphone.




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