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What are the features of a smartphone?

The Features Of A SmartphoneAre you thinking about getting a smartphone and wondering what features you will get with it? Are you trying to figure out what these features will be used for? This article will explain all this to you and outline the features of a smartphone and what they are used for. Smartphones can be used by individuals for personal and business purposes but can also be used for educational, multimedia and entertainment purposes with many features available each and every day.

The features of a smartphone far exceed the features of a basic or feature phone but still include basic features such as call, text and contacts. Smartphones all have a touchscreen which is one of it`s most notable features and they come in a wide variety of different sizes from small to large. The larger the screen size on the smartphone the easier it will be to see and the quicker it will be to get things done. Smartphones are always getting released and new ones are getting developed everyday.

Cellphone VS Smartphone

A cellphone is a basic mobile phone that doesn’t need a landline connection. It enables the user to make and receive phone calls while cellphones also allow the user to send and receive text messages. A smartphone has more advanced features including web browsing, software applications and a mobile operating system. A smartphone also offer features such as a camera, video camera, video calls, digital assistants, social networking and much more exciting features.

Cellphones are much cheaper than smartphones and can make a great alternative if you don’t have a lot of money to spend and are looking for something cheap with just basic features. Cellphones also have a straightforward, simple and easy to use interface. Cellphone models usually only belong to certain carriers and are prepaid whereas smartphones have a wide range of models are available across different carriers and have prepaid and post paid options available.

Internet Connectivity

A smartphone can connect to the internet easily and this is one of it`s key features. It can connect to the internet through mobile data or WiFi which costs you money if you are using your data. Smartphones use a web browser such as internet explorer, google chrome or safari for web browsing and the experience is usually pretty fast and easy. There are 3G, 4G and 5G smartphones available with each of these increasing speed, performance and reliability as well as stronger signal and better coverage.

Using your web browser you will be able to perform searches, check the weather forecast, check and read email, look at maps, use social media and much more. Connecting to the internet is quick and easy on a smartphone. It is as simple as turning on WiFi or mobile data and launching the web browser and you are connected. The internet is always available and there is reception and coverage in most areas so you will always be able to get connected. Using the internet browser you will also be able to access a digital assistant.

Camera And Apps

The camera on a smartphone usually has about three lenses while some smartphones can have more. They also usually have video camera and front face camera for selfies and video calls. Photos and videos that are taken with the camera are usually clear and easy to see and a lot of smartphones have high definitions cameras making photos and videos even clearer. The camera can easily be accessed from the menu and some smartphones have a dedicated camera button that saves you the time of looking for it on the menu.

Apps which stands for applications are programs that you can download on your smartphone using the app store. A lot of these apps are free and there apps in a wide range of categories. This includes game apps, movie and TV apps, news apps, office apps, business apps, finance apps, educational apps, navigational apps and much more. These apps can be used straight after they are downloaded and installed which only takes a few seconds up to a couple of minutes for larger apps. This uses your data to but it is worth it as it will help you get your tasks done easier.

Other Useful Features

There are many other features of a smartphone including radio, internal memory, multimedia player, headphone jack, Bluetooth, GPS, QWERTY keyboard, built in speakers and much more. The radio is accessed through menu and earphones are required to use it because they act as the antenna. But there some smartphones that don’t have a radio. The internal memory of a smartphone can be expanded on many smartphones by inserting a card called a Micro SD card in to the phone which gives you more storage space.

The headphone jack is for connecting earphones and the multimedia player is for playing music and video files including movies and sound recordings as there is a voice recorder on many smartphones that is found on the menu. Bluetooth allows you to connect to another Bluetooth devices wirelessly without any cables and transfer or share files. The GPS is for get directions and navigation as well as for searching for locations that you want to go to. The QWERTY keyboard is a virtual on screen keyboard which is used for typing and smartphones also have a built in speaker which eliminates the need for earphones at times.


There are many features of a smartphones but the most important features are calls, text, internet access, touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. There many other features besides the ones that I have discussed but I have covered the main and most common features that you will use. Everyone will use their smartphone different and not everyone will use the same features and that is perfectly fine. There are always new features being added to smartphones as technology changes but as long as you are happy with the features that you have on your smartphone that is definitely fine and you have nothing to worry about.




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