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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review- The game changer

Product: Samsung Galaxy S10

Price: $415.00

Cheapest place to buy: ebay.com.au

Gurantee: 30 day full money back guranteeSamsung Galaxy S10

My rating: 10 out of 10

Technology has changed a lot of the years and it is still changing today. Samsung is always releasing great smartphones and each is upgraded and has new features and improvements. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the best smartphones on the market today. It has some amazing features and new technology making it really fast and reliable. The cameras are one of the best that I have seen on a phone so far. It has a high price which is definitely reasonable for this phone and it`s features.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has changed technology and is the beginning of a new era of technology. Each release after this phone will continue to improve and add even more advanced features and upgraded technology. There are three models available of the phone including the Samsung Galaxy S10, The Samsung Galaxy S10e and The Samsung Galaxy S10+. There is also a 5G model available of the Samsung Galaxy S10 at an even higher price because of the 5G technology.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is amazing with it`s advanced and upgraded technology. It has a 6.1 inch Dynamic AMOLED touchscreen display that is always on. The display has a high resolution and is so clear and easy to see it is breathtaking. It has a 16 megapixel triple rear camera with a LED flash and 2160p and 1080p HD video recording. There is a 10 megapixel front facing camera with 2160p and 1080p HD video recording and also support for dual video calls that are high quality.

There is also 4K video support on both cameras. It has 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 512GB internal storage depending on which one you choose. The internal storage is expandable using a Micro SDXC card. The battery will last a full day on a single charge even with heavy tasks. There is a loudspeaker and headphone jack with connectivity features including WiFi, tethering, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC, FM radio, heart rate sensor, barometer, compass, accelerometer, fingerprint scanner and more.

The Benefits Of The Samsung Galaxy S10

There are so many benefits of using the Samsung Galaxy S10 that I don’t know where to start. The large screen size is clear and has a high resolution which makes it great for games and entertainment. The cameras are high quality and take excellent photos and videos. The selfies are excellent as well and the phone is great for photography purposes. The battery lasts a full day on a single charge even with heavy tasks. The battery can last longer than one day depending on usage.

The phone is fast and performs well meaning it is one of the fastest phones around. Apps run well and perform smoothly. Checking emails, web browsing and using social media is quick and easy. The google assistant works well and so does S voice. There is also a heart rate sensor and other healthy features on the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is powered by Android 9.0 and is upgradable to Android 10 giving you the latest updates and software around as well as new apps for you to use.

Where To Buy

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in many different places almost anywhere you can think of. It is available in carriers like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. It is also available in post offices and electronic stores as well as supermarkets and department stores like Big W, Target and Harvey Norman. It is also available online from places like ebay, amazon and kogan. If you buy it from a carrier like Telstra or Optus it will be locked to that network and you will have to use it there.

If you want to use it on another carrier you will have to pay an unlocking fee of around $80. If you buy it in a post office or other store it is also locked to a carrier most of the time. To avoid unlocking fees you can purchase an unlocked Smasung Galaxy S10 online and it will come ready to use with any sim card from any carrier without any problems or limitations. In a carrier you have the option of buying it outright or putting it on a month to month plan including data starting from $89 per month.

Is The Smasung Galaxy S10 For Me?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great and amazing phone but it does have it`s positives and negatives like all other smartphones. To start with it`s large screen size is great for games and entertainment and it has high quality cameras which are great for photography purposes. The display is clear and easy to see and looks great. The phone has great modern design and the battery will last a full day on a single charge even with heavy tasks. It is a great and advanced smartphone.

The downsides though start with the selfies because if you are taking selfies in low light they are not as good as you might want them to be. The ultra wide camera does not have autofocus which might be annoying for some users. There is bright night mode on the phone but it is not as good as the bright night mode on some other smartphones. The fingerprint scanner can be frustrating sometimes because it is not always accurate and sometimes does not work properly making it hard to use at times.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great and amazing smartphone all in all. It is one of the best smartphones on the market today. It has a great design with an amazing display and high camera quality. The large screen size makes it great for games and entertainment and the high quality cameras make it great for photography purposes. I recommend that you buy this phone if you are looking for something to use as an entertainment device or for photography purposes. It is one of the fastest phones around and everything works and performs well. Selfies are not as good in low light as you might want them to be and the ultra wide camera does not have an autofocus. The bright night mode is not as good as on some other smartphones and the fingerprint scanner does not work properly at times. The phone is worth the money and I highly recommend it to everyone. If you want to buy this smartphone I recommend that you buy it online because you will save money and it will come unlocked and ready to use with any carrier. I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions or if you would like to leave your own review please do so in the comments.




  1. John outdoor

    I have a Galaxy S10+. I have nothing bad to say about it so far. It takes great pictures and videos, I can edit both with apps on my phone. I can use it in place of my laptop at times for emails or social apps. I am on the phone most of the day and I can get almost two days out of a fully charged battery. I like that I can connect to my laptop with a C ported cable and move videos in minutes from the phone to the laptop. I connected the phone to my van via the BlueTooth and do not have to pick it up when I get a call or text while driving.
    I have never owned an Apple phone so I do not know how to compare it to one. Do you think Samsung will continue to produce great products in the future that are on the edge of technology?

    • Timothy Balla

      Thank you for your comment John! I agree with everything that you have said about the Samsung Galaxy S10! It is an amazing smartphone! Thank you for leaving your review and opinion about the phone! I think that Samsung will only keep getting better with every new smartphone that they release! The new Samsung Galaxy S20 is even better than the Samsung Galaxy S10! Each smartphone that they release will only keep getting better! Thank you again for your comment John!


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