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How do smartphones work?

How Smartphones WorkAre you wondering how smartphones work? What powers them and what makes them turn on? Well, it is not as complicated as you might think. Smartphones can seem complicated and overwhelming but it is not really as bad as it seems. I am going to simplify this for you and explain to you how smartphones works. They are used everyday by many people and they are our digital companions and personal digital assistants. It is our smartphone that we reach for when we want to know something.

Smartphones have evolved and app developers are always making something new and finding new ways to use hardware and wireless connectivity to make information instantly available. Smartphones have changed and evolved greatly over the years and is still changing and adapting as technology changes today. The smartphone is one of the best inventions in the world and it will always continue to change and work the best it can to make our lives simple and easy.

Important Parts Of A Smartphone

There are many important parts that go into a smartphone to make it work. The first is the display which is the viewing screen for emails, messages, games, videos, apps an almost everything you do on your phone. It is also your keyboard and touch screen so it must function well as a viewing screen. Resolution is also very important. Electronic screens display an image by lighting up tiny little dots on the screen which are called pixels. The more dots a screen has in it the more sharper and clearer the image will be.

Modern screens use a new technology called AMOLED or Super AMOLDED which is a technology that enables screens to have a much higher colour contrast and reduces power consumption. Large screens have much higher power consumption so your battery will need recharging more often. The processor is also very important for your smartphone because it is the brain of your phone and it makes your phone work and controls everything that it can do. Processors are measured in GHZ which is a gigacycle. A phone with at least 1 GHZ is what you should look for so you don’t struggle with demanding tasks.

Battery And Memory

The battery is another important part that makes your smartphone work. Without it you won’t be able to power on your smartphone. The battery usually doesn“t last for a day due to a lot of tasks that you do that use a lot of battery and phones with large screens also use even more battery because of their larger size. Modern smartphone batteries are usually a type called lithium Ion meaning they can store a lot of electricity and are still lightweight. They charge fast and can still hold a charge even when the phone is powered off. Battery capacity means has much power the battery can store.

It is measured in MAH which stand for milliamp hours and measures how much power the battery could provide continuously over one hour. MAH varies in all smartphones and starts at about 750MAH and can be found up to about 5500MAH. Memory is also important and is used for storing information. RAM stands for random access memory and is used when the phone is doing tasks. Cache helps the RAM when it can’t keep up with the processor and hard storage is the phone`s internal memory chip. Internal memory can be expanded by using little cards called Micro SD cards and inserting them in the phone.

Software And Operating Systems

Software is also very important to make your phone work and software is computer codes that your phone processor reads. Software comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes but the only two types that you need to know about are apps and the operating system. Apps stand for application which are programs that you can download to your phone to allow you to do certain tasks such as reading documents, getting directions and checking the weather forecast. There are hundreds and thousands of apps available to download on your phone from a place called the app store which is always available.

The operating system is a large program which runs your phone. Without it you won’t be able to run your phone or do any tasks. The operating system determines how your phones looks, works and feels. It can controls everything on your phone from sounds to how you browse the web. Smartphones always come with an operating system installed and you cannot change it. So it is important that you choose the operating system you like when buy a smartphone. There many operating systems to choose from IOS, google android, blackberry, windows and more but they all have useful features so you will be able to get the tasks you want to get done.

Features And Connectivity

There are many features and connection options that are required for you to get tasks done on your smartphone. App store come with each operating system and have their own apps. Apps come in all shapes and sizes such as game apps, news apps, food apps, office apps, business apps and many more. GPS and maps are also important for getting directions for where you want go and also for searching for locations on your phone. A Multimedia player is also important for playing music and videos. MP stands for media player. MP3 means music and sounds and MP4 means videos and movies. Most smartphones come with a multimedia player built into it so you won’t have to install one yourself.

A web browser is important for connectivity and lets you browse the internet. Each smartphone comes with it`s own web browser such as internet explorer. Google chrome or safari and they work the same way as on the computer. Browsing the web will cost you your mobile data or WiFi so be careful how much you browse the web if you are on a cheap plan or worried about your money. All phones let you make calls and send text messages but you can make phone calls around the world if you spend more money. WiFi is also important and good for connecting to the internet as it allows you to connect wirelessly without using any cables and Bluetooth allows you to connect to Bluetooth devices without using any cables.


There are a lot of things that make a smartphone work and all of the things that I have discussed apply to all smartphones. Without these important parts your smartphones won’t work and will be useless. These things come on all smartphones. WiFi and Bluetooth come on most smartphones but don’t come on old ones or cheap ones. The inner workings of a smartphone are amazing and are always changing and evolving making smartphones quicker and easier to use. Always keep in mind that the advanced smartphones always cost more than the ones that are less advanced. Most smartphones will get your day to day tasks done and will last you a long time before you have to think about replacing it so you rest assured that your smartphone will serve you well for many years to come.




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