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Alcatel T 5033T Review

Alcatel T 5033TProduct: Alcatel T 5033T

Price: $59.00

Cheapest place to buy: ebay.com.au

Guarantee: 30 day full money back guarantee

My rating: 8 out of 10

I use my smartphone everyday and I bet you do to. Are you looking for a great smartphone for everyday use? Well, this is the phone for you! The Alcatel T 5033T is a great quality smartphone packed full of features that are ready for you to use. It is not a fancy smartphone nor is it high tech but it will serve you well for calls, text, internet browsing and many other tasks. It is a cheap smartphone and it is 4G capable which gives you increased online speed and performance.

It has a nice design with a decent battery life that will last you a few hours but it won’t last long if you are doing heavy tasks. The Alcatel T 5033T is an android smartphone which is powered by Andorid Oreo Go and is extremely affordable because of it`s low price. It has a headphone jack and a decent camera but also feels small in your hand. The screen size is 4.95 inches which means it is big enough to see and easy enough to do what you want to do with it.

Features And Functions

The Alcatel T 5033T is a decent smartphone with lots of features. It has a camera, video camera, radio, voice recorder, gallery, file explorer, app store, internet browser, a google assistant and more. It is great for users who don’t need much features on their smartphone and just want a camera, internet browsing and apps. You can access the internet through WiFi or mobile data and there is also the ability to create a mobile WiFi hotspot to share your mobile data with other devices.

There is also Bluetooth and tethering options available and the internet speed is great and reliable. The app store is the google play store which runs nicely and provides thousands of apps that you can download. The Alcatel T 5033T has a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera and also 1080p video recording. The phone has 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. This is expandable up to 32GB with a Micro SD card. A flashlight and headphone jack are also available.

Apps And The Internet

Apps run great on the Alcatel T 5033T and there is a wide range of apps available on the app store. It does not support PDF files by default and you will have to download adobe acrobat reader from the app store to be able to view them. There apps that come preinstalled on the phone and they include calls app, message app, radio, camera, gallery, files go, voice recorder. an office suite called WPS office and more. Files go is the file explorer app on the phone and earphones work well and are comfortable.

The internet speed and browser is decent and the phone comes with google chrome preinstalled as the default internet browser. It is fast and reliable on both WiFi and mobile data. There other internet browsers available on the app store if you prefer them. The internet is run in 4G and is fast enough to browse, check email, watch YouTube, play games, live stream and download apps. The google assistant also runs well and allows you to get things done with just using your voice and with no hands.

Where To Buy

The Alcatel T 5033T is also known as Telstra Essential Plus and is available at Telstra, post offices, electronic stores and online through many places like ebay, amazon, kogan, harvey norman, australia post and more. All of these places vary in price but it is still cheap and affordable. If you are looking to get the phone cheaply than I recommend that you buy it from ebay as they have the cheapest price for this phone. If you buy online you can expect it to be delivered in about one week or less.

If you buy this phone from Telstra you have the option of buying it outright or on a plan. The plans that are available for it include data and start from $20 per month. If you want to use the phone on another carrier you will have to pay the unlocking fee in telstra which is around $80 or buy an unlocked Alcatel T 5033T smartphone online. This way you will avoid having to pay the unlocking fee and you will be able to use any sim card from any carrier that you like without any problems or limitations.

The Pros And Cons

Like with every smartphone the Alcatel T 5033T has it`s own pros and cons. For starters the phone is very cheap and affordable. It is low price means that anyone can buy it. It is 4G capable which means you will have great coverage and fast and reliable online speed and performance. The phone is powered by Android Oreo Go and is blue tick certified. The blue tick means that the device has been thoroughly tested and delivers superior voice coverage in rural and regional areas nationally.

The downsides of the phone are the design first of all. The design is decent but is not as nice or generic as newer smartphones. The battery life is not to good as it does not usually last a full day and goes down quickly when you are doing heavy tasks. The Alcatel T 5033T is also not as fast as other smartphones and some users who want fast speed will not be satisfied. The speed is decent and will get things done quickly but sometimes will be slow and will take longer than other smartphones.


The Alcatel T 5033T is a decent smartphone and is great for it`s cheap price which can be afforded by anyone and is a good choice for users who have low needs. I recommend this phone for anyone who just wants the ability to use calls, text, browse the internet, check email, check the weather, use social media, download apps and do quick and simple tasks. If you want to download a lot of apps and do heavy tasks than I recommend that you choose a faster smartphone. All in all the Alcatel T 5033T is a decent smartphone is good for getting simple day to day tasks done. I hope that you have enjoyed this review and if you need a hand or want to add your own review please do so in the comments below.




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