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5 Smartphones You Should Have In Your Phone Collection

Collecting phones is a hobby that is popular with phone enthusiasts around the world. It can be done by anyone of any age who has an interest or passion for phones. Phone collections collect all kinds of phones including old phones,new phones and retro phones. Each phone collector is different and some may only collect a certain brand or type of phone while others may collect a variety of phones.

I`m a phone collector myself. I collect a lot of old and retro phones but I also collect new modern phones including basic phones and smartphones. The purpose of collecting phones is for learning and enjoyment. Phone collectors get their phones off places eBay and Amazon as well as locally from friends or markets and anywhere they can find phones at a low price. If you like collecting phones you might find this article interesting. In this article I will talk about 5 smartphones you should have in your phone collection.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus

The Samsung Galaxy trend plus is a 4 inch smartphone that is fun to have in your phone collection. It is easy to store, simple to use and a nice looking phone. The phone is fast and responsive and it works quite well on WiFi. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is cheap to buy and it can still be used for calls and texts. But for a phone collection you wouldn’t use i for this purpose.

I have one in my phone collection and I like browsing the web on it for fun. It also makes a good MP3 player for music. These days the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is easy to come across on websites like eBay and Amazon. Be sure to check often so you can get one as soon as they are listed.

Samsung Galaxy

The original Samsung Galaxy is a gem for phone collectors. It can be hard to find but if you see one it is worth buying. The Samsung Galaxy is a few years old but is a really nice phone. It still works for calls and texts but is also great for a phone collection. The phone is 4 inch and easy to use. The display still holds well against newer phones and it is very responsive. Having one of these in your phone collection has a very satisfying feel to it and it is fun to browse the web on for nostalgia.

I have a Samsung Galaxy in my phone collection. I use mine for browsing the web and taking photos just to see how it looks on an old phone. The Samsung Galaxy is a bit hard to find at the moment but you can still sometimes find them on eBay and Amazon.Check often and be sure to buy one if you come across one.

Sony Ericsson E15

The Sony Ericsson E15 is an old phone but it is really cool. It`s a small phone and easy to store. It is a 3 inch phone and the display is quite good. You can’t use it for calls or texts anymore but that`s ok when it`s for your phone collection. The style of the phone is old and it has buttons that you won’t find on new phones as well as an old version of Android that you will find interesting to use. It actually still works on WiFi and it is fun to play around with old apps and features on the phone.

I have a Sony Ericsson E15 in my hone collection. I use mine for browsing the web and I also like to play around with the Camera and other old apps for fun. The Sony Ericsson is hard to find now days but you can sometimes find them on eBay or amazon. Check often and buy one quickly if you see one.

iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS is an old iPhone that is great for a phone collection. A lot of phone collectors look for this phone as it`s hard to find now days as it`s old. The iPhone 3GS is easy to use and quite responsive. It is a small phone with a 3.5 inch screen. It runs an old version of iOS but it can be upgraded. I would leave it on the old version of iOS for nostalgia purposes. It is fun to use and it is so nice to have one in your collection to play around with old apps and features on it.

I have an iPhone 3GS in my phone collection. I use mine for playing around with the camera and other old apps for nostalgia purpose. It can even still work on WiFi if you are lucky enough. I have an old iPod Touch that runs the same version of iOS as the iPhone 3GS. I got my iPhone 3GS from eBay for $20. It has SIM card problems but that doesn’t matter as I wanted it for my phone collection and everything else on it works fine.

The iPhone 3GS is rare to find these days because it`s so old but it`s work keeping an eye out for one on eBay. Sometimes you can find one on there. It might be expensive but try to look for a cheap one and don’t worry too much if it has some minor issues like mine. Be sure to buy one is you see one as it`s a rare find these days.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is newer than the iPhone 3GS but it`s still a good iPhone to have in your phone collection. It is small and easy to use. The iPhone 5 is clear and quite responsive. It`s a small phone with a 4 inch screen and it`s easy to store. The phone runs an old version of iOS that can be upgraded. But I would leave it on the version of iOS it comes with for nostalgia purposes. The iPhone still works fine on WiFi and for calls and texts. Its also good for playing with old apps on.

I don’t have an iPhone 5 in my phone collection yet but I plan to get one soon. I will be using mine for browsing the web and using old apps for nostalgia. The phone is often looked for by phone collectors as it`s old and is great for a phone collection especially for those who want to collect iPhones. It can also be a good option for a secondary phone but I would have it as a part of my phone collection for nostalgia purposes and choose something else to use as a secondary phone.

The iPhone 5 is quite easy to find these days even though it`s old. They are available on eBay and Amazon most of the time and are quite popular especially on eBay. They sell quickly and most people like them. The reviews are good and you shouldn`t`t have any trouble finding one. Check often and buy one once you see one.


In Conclusion collecting phones is a hobby enjoyed by many people around the world with an interest or passion for phones. You can get started no matter your age or country and there are plenty of cheap phones you can buy. Phone collectors can collect any phones they like including old phones, new phones and retro phones. Some phone collectors collect one type or brand of phone and some collector a variety of phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson E15, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 5 are all great phones for phone collectors. They are all small, easy to use, easy to store and fun to browse the or play around on. Some of these phones are harder to find because they are old but if you check websites like eBay and Amazon often you will find what you are looking for one day. Remember to have fun and enjoy your phones and phone collection.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comment if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to help you out.




  1. Lizzy Stabel

    Interesting article on collecting phones, I didn’t realize that people actually collect these. But why not, my closet is full of older phones that “maybe I will use again someday”, but then never do haha! Can I donate older phones somewhere for collectors?  And should I delete any private information on them before donating them? Or would be taking out the SIM card be enough? thanks!

    • Timothy Balla

      Hi Lizzy

      Thank you for your comment. Collecting phones is a popular hobby and quite enjoyable. Yes you can donate older phones. If you do a quick Google search for places to donate older phones and include your area in the search you will be able to find out where you can donate them. If you live in Australia there is a charity that is accepting older phones to be used for victims of domestic violence.

      Wherever you choose to donate your old phones be sure to remove the SIM and wipe all private data. Removing the SIM won`t remove all private data store on the phone you will need to do this yourself. The quickest way to do is by doing a factory reset on the phone. I hope this helps you. Thank you for reading and commenting. Let me know if you have any other questions or need any further help. 

  2. Carol Barnes

    I found your article very interesting. I have never thought about collecting cell phones. I have had an iPhone for years now. I think I started with the iPhone 4S and now have the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I just keep upgrading and sending my old iPhone back to the company for the rebate. I think it’s too much of a rebate not to send it back and get a couple of hundred dollars off my next one. 

    Very knowledgeable and informative article. I enjoyed reading about the different cell phones.

    • Timothy Balla

      Thank you so much Carol. I`m glad you enjoyed reading my article. Old iPhones are worth good money these days and are worth holding onto. Even if you don`t want to collect phones it`s still worth holding onto some old ones as the value increases on them over time and you could sell them for some good money one day in the future. Thank you again for your kind words and for reading and commenting. 

  3. Reppin250

    1. What is the appeal of phone collecting?
    2. What are some tips for getting started in phone collecting?
    3. What are some types of phones that are popular among collectors?
    4. How can you care for and store your collection?
    5. What are some common myths about phone collecting?

    6.What type of phone do you like to collect?
    7.Do you have a favorite phone?
    8. How many phones do you have in your collection?

    • Timothy Balla

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I will do my best to answer your questions.

      1. The appeal of phone collecting is the enjoyment it brings as well as feelings of nostalgia from older phones.

      2. If you are just getting started in phone collecting I recommend connecting with like minded people, have a small budget and start with collecting some cheaper phones that interest you. eBay is the best place to find old and new phones cheapily.

      3. Retro phones are very popular among phone collectors especially brick phones and other models of phones like Nokia 3310, Nokia 5510, Nokia 6300 and many other brands and types of retro phones.

      4. You can store your phone collection wherever you like as long as it`s somewhere that is free from dust and moisture. I store mine in plastic boxes and to care for them keep them clean and charge them from time to time so I can keep them in working condition.

      5. I`m not really sure about myths as I have no heard any. Some people doing this phone collectors are crazy but this is not true. Collecting phones is a hobby and something that should be enjoyed.

      6. I like collecting all types and brands of phones but my favourite types are phones from the 1990s and early to mid 2000s. My favourite brands are Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson but I really like all brands of phones.

      7. Yes my favourite phone in my collection is my Nokia 6300.

      8. I have almost 300 phones in my collection. My best estimate is approximately 275 phones in my phone collection.

      I hope this helps you and I hope you find this interesting. Collecting phones is my hobby and something I enjoy. I will continue doing it for the rest of my life. If you get into it I`m sure you will enjoy it to. Let me know if you have any other questions or need any further help. Thank you again for reading and commenting. 

  4. Chester170

    Hi Timothy! I never thought about collecting phones before.

    It’s very interesting and fun to know that these old phones are so expensive and have so much value to some people!

    I think i have the Samsung Galaxy somewhere here in my house but I don’t know where… It’s been so long since I work with it…

    Well, Great post by the way, it made want to use one old phone just ot see how it works now, compared to the new ones!


    • Timothy Balla

      Thank you so much Chester I`m glad you liked my post and happy to know it helped you. That`s really cool that you have a Samsung Galaxy. Old phones are fun to use for nostalgia purposes and to see how they work compared to newer ones. Thank you so much again for your kind words. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help. I will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  5. Femi Asaolu

    Great article here. I didn’t know collecting phones is actually a thing for some people. I do like these collections because the phones here are quite durable. I know some Samsung phones can be known for having fragile screens that break easily-especially the new models, yet I’ve seen very durable ones that could last you for a very long time- I mean up to 5 years and are equally functional. I believe the original Samsung galaxy is the most durable product from Samsung. Another phone that has superb functionality and durability is the iPhone. I’m curious tho that you don’t have recent models of iPhone in your selection. Though, I think the recent models could be overpriced.


    • Timothy Balla

      Thank you very much Femi I`m glad you liked my article. Collecting phones is quite popular around the world and enjoyed by many people. I agree some Samsung phones are durable but some are quite fragile especially newer models from 2018 and onwards. Nokia also has some of the most durable models ever seen and the older iPhones are great to. I want to collect some of the newer models of iPhones but they are bit expensive. The iPhone 3GS is the only iPhone I have in my phone collection at the moment. Thank you very much again for your comment.


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